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Mosaic Mirror

So here is my next furniture up-cycling project. It was a mirror from a brilliant charity shop for just £4!. I scoured the local tile merchants only to discover MOST do not keep broken tiles or recycle them, in fact they just throw them away! 

Luckily I found one store that had some end of line tiles which he was about to throw away (Madness!) So I purchased a few colours for about 10p each. Now I think that’s still saving something that would have been in landfill even if they weren’t broken tiles!!

Now as promised in my last furniture restoration post, I did look for eco-friendly material to do the job.

I found a home made grout recipe from the ‘Care2' website and eco friendly paint from the 'Milk Paint' Website!…unfortunately I've never grouted anything before so I am unable to tell you what it was like to work with, it seemed fine but I have nothing to compare it too. Also luckily I had a builder friend who could help me out with the sand and cement so cannot comment on the price difference either….sorry!

But…it felt good to make something knowing it is non-toxic and re-using things that would otherwise go to waste.

As always the best thing is I MADE IT! So I will love it forever and it will not get thrown away for a newer model in 6 months!

My next project is a quirky shelf for spices using seriously found things!!..

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